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  • Welcome to Harbor House

    Pre-school, Kindergarten, 5K, and Summer Programs
    • 40 Year Experience

      Harbor House Preschool was established in 1978 to be a safe, fun, and educational program for preschoolers.

    • Professional Staff

      Our highly motivated team of professionals encourages your child’s ability to think, question, and problem solve through planned activity and center-based classrooms.

    • Unique Approach

      We use a multi-sensory approach to introduce early reading skills, math skills, motor skills, and other development skills.

    • Skill Development

      Preschool is a place to develop social skills, communication skills, and self-esteem that comes from being a part of a supportive group of teachers and friends.

    • Family Communication

      We believe family communication is important and use progress reports, weekly lesson plans, newsletters, and daily conversation to keep you abreast of your child’s development.

    • Child Safety

      The safety of your little one is our top priority. All staff undergo a background check and yearly renewal of CPR/First Aid. As for the building, our school is secured by a coded door system and video system for keeping your child safe in this sometimes unsafe world.

  • Our philosophy is learning through play and exploration as we offer a stimulating environment for children.

    • Full Day Sessions

      Many families choose to have their children participate in the full educational day.

    • Varied Classes

      We offer programs for children 3-6 years old.

    • Multi-Day Options

      We offer 3, 4, or 5 day a week options.

    • Full Day Kindergarten

      We offer a full-day kindergarten and 5K program.

    • Number of Students
    • Professional Staff
    • Years in Early Childhood Education
    • Generations of Families Served
  • Our Classes

    Our preschool program has two dedicated classes and we offer 5K and Kindergarten classes.
    • Preschool
      • 2.8-3.8
        Year olds
      • 1 to 6
        Staff to Child Ratio
    • Pre-Kindergarten
      • 3.9-4.9
        Year olds
      • 1 to 8
        Staff to Child Ratio
    • 5K
      • 5
        Year olds
      • 1 to 7
        Staff to Child Ratio
    • Kindergarten
      • 5-6
        Year olds
      • 1 to 7
        Staff to Child Ratio
  • We provided four classes for children 3 to 6 years of age.

  • All of the Harbor House programs have as its main goal to develop a curious child who will take into the world a life long love of learning from having been a “Harbor House Kid.”

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    • Hands down best school. Harbor House isn’t just a school, it’s a family. They love the kids as if their own, and create an amazing learning environment!

      Jaime Finklestine
    • My son attended Harbor House for pre-school and Kindergarten. As a teacher, I evaluated every program in Central PA, and this was absolutely the best one!! During the summer there were even enrichment programs and awesome day trips. My son had such a fantastic beginning to his school years thanks to Harbor House!! He excelled in his classes and received his BS and Masters from Penn State University. Now he is a Corporate Trainer in Asheville, NC. So thankful for all the staff of Harbor House!

      Karen Wolf
    • Absolutely the best investment I could have made for my girls. The school, the teachers, the owners, and the most incredibly giving group of people you could ask for.

      Jaime Genovese-Peterson
    • Hands down the best program I could choose for any child! Every teacher is fantastic, food is healthy, and the owners are beyond phenomenal with my child! Harbor house meets educational standards, cleanliness (my child almost never gets sick,) and her socialization with other children is wonderful. I have nothing but positive feedback for this place!

      Christina Maher
    • My 3-year-old went to Harbor House. I switched her over from a daycare to Harbor House. She was only going to daycare about 2 days a week, but each day was a struggle because she would cry when I left. It was just controlled craziness. After switching her to Harbor House – she asks to go to school each day and loves being there. She has not once cried when I leave. She is also learning so much. It is amazing how much she has developed and learned since she has been there. It truly is a school with structure and excellent education. The teachers are great and go above and beyond. I recommend it to anyone!

      Eash Family
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    • Postal Address

      Harbor House Preschool & Kindergarten
      113 Byron Avenue
      Altoona, PA 16602

    • Phone & E-mail

      Phone: 814-942-6419

    • Business Hours

      Monday – Friday
      7:00 am – 5:00 pm
      Weekend Closed

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