December 2017 - Peace Starts with You

December 2017 - Peace Starts with You

My December blog is short and sweet. In the spirit of the season do all you can to be a model of acceptance and peace for your child.

Put away petty grievances. Stop talking negatively about people—believe me your little ones are repeating it. Don’t let your child see or hear you “go off” on people in traffic. Develop a calmer approach by giving yourself more time and not being so harried.

Be a peacemaker. Always take the high road. Being right is not as important as being kind. As the song says, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

Accept others for who they are. The first step to world peace is to accept your neighbor. You don’t have to agree with all creeds, beliefs, politics, etc., but you need to accept others. Choose battles wisely and make sure they are worth being fought.

Enjoy the holiday season. Work toward becoming a calmer and more peaceful person in the new year. Slow down. Remember the tortoise won the race. And above all—let peace begin with you. Your child deserves that future.