February 2018 - Conversation from the Heart

February 2018 - Conversation from the Heart

Sorry I missed you in January.  I had the flu and was so sick I could not write.  Now three weeks later, I am still weak.   Yep—I was one of those “no flu shot for me” people.  Never again!

As a young girl, I loved receiving conversation hearts.  These gaudy colored candies with “hot chick” or “my gal” or “Love U” when given by a favored elementary boy quickened my heart.  But in this month’s blog these are the phrases I’d put on the candies for parents to remember for their little loves.

Read Daily – Read to your child every single day from the day they are born.  Even infants enjoy the cadence of nursery rhymes.  Read, read, and read again.

Get Moving – Do not let your child become a couch potato. Walk, run, play, swim, skate, etc.  Keep moving.

Start Talking – Have conversations with your child.  Children spend so much time in front of devices that they have lost the art of speaking in sentences.  I have noticed in interviewing young adults that they have some difficulty expanding thoughts.  Discuss subjects and get children to draw out their thoughts in sentences.

 Eat Together-  Families who eat together see less drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and juvenile crime.  Dinner doesn’t need to be fancy—it just needs to be together.

 Stop Over Scheduling-  One sport or event per week during school year and two during the summer for young children.  Children rise early and then their day extends to evening.  Stop it!  School work suffers.  Fatigued children are not healthy. You don’t have to keep up with the Jones’ and people who start these preschool sports programs. Just let them play.

 I Love You- Be your child’s greatest cheerleader.  Support them when they are low, cheer when they are happy, and learn to say no and stand back a little to help growth.

I love conversation hearts.  I hope I get one on February 14th.   A little “Be Mine” would cheer me up!   And always…BE A MODEL for your child – GREAT PARENT.