July 2018 - Picnics Aren't Just for Ants

July 2018 - Picnics Aren't Just for Ants

As a child, I loved the Fourth of July as it always meant a family picnic.  My family loved picnics.  We had them in the nicest of parks and on the sides of dusty roads. Each one was heaven to me.  It wasn’t about the food.  It was about family together with the little picnic basket and metal thermal jug.  Out would come the woven tablecloth and I was enthralled.

The Fourth of July picnic always had something on the outdoor grill my father built and Jell-o salad and potato salad and the “flag cake.”   We ate with family and laughed and played games. Even today I find myself drifting to those foods even though I have a hundred cookbooks.  At night we gathered to watch a firework display and I would always cry at the beauty of it.

We need to slow down and have more picnics.  Independence Day is a great day to honor veterans, see a parade, and by George (Washington of course! ) have a picnic.

We are blessed with beautiful state parks in which to hold a picnic.  Pack a basket, take a blanket, put in some napkins and utensils.  Take some beverages.  Pack anything from simple sandwiches to great grilling food.  Add some salads and dessert and you are on your way.  Keep cold things cold and hot things hot.

Put some songs on the player, pack balls, and badminton.  Invite a few friends and enjoy a simpler time.  Leave technology home and experience a true picnic.

Use cupcake liners to keep bugs out of drinks.  Popsicle sticks can hold pieces of watermelon so hands don’t attract bugs.  Use frozen bottled water to keep things cold and then drink it later.

Take time to talk to your children about the many patriots in every generation who worked so we can enjoy our freedoms.  There are soldiers, legislators, and patriots of every stripe who worked to make us free.

Enjoy the blessings of freedom and enjoy some time with your family.  Have a happy and safe Fourth of July and summer.  I am vacationing with my family soon and found a place that will deliver a picnic to the beach—should I?  Anyone up for making a flag cake?