June 2018 - Be Summer Safe...Child Safe

June 2018 - Be Summer Safe...Child Safe

Summertime and the living is easy!  Such is the line from an old musical.  Children love summer and its freedom.   But, children must be prepared for summer in the way that you prepare for school.

Frighteningly, more child abductions take place in the summer.  Teach your child about stranger safety.   Child predators live among us.  I just received notice from Megan’s Law that three predatory and vicious child abusers were released in the community.  They served their time and may return to living among us.  Be wary.  This isn’t 1950 – children need adult supervision at all times. Check your online directory for child abusers. When walking, children should carry a whistle and know about other safety measures in the case of a potential abduction.

Prepare your child to fend off dog attacks as dogs roam more freely in the summer.  Don’t allow children to touch stray pets.  If a dog chases your child have him or her roll up in a ball and cover the face and do not move.  Never stare at a dog or approach a dog that seems overheated.  Report strays to animal control.

Teach your child simple first aid especially for cuts, scrapes, and stings.  Of course a parent will want to do their part.  The best first aid starts with good cleaning.  Allow your child to carry those individually packaged wipes.  They come in handy.  Serious infections can take place from unclean wounds.

To avoid mosquitoes and bee attacks, avoid scents of any kind.  Use bug sprays and avoid hairspray and body sprays.  Also, if your child will be in heavily grassy or wooded areas skip yellow and orange clothing.  Always check for ticks after a day outdoors.

Be sun safe.  Stay out of the sun for long periods between 10 and 2.  Use high factor sign screen.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Buy good polarized sunglasses for your child and a hat.

Have fun in the summer but be safe.