October 2014 - Fall, Autumn, Harvest Time—By Any Word It’s Amazing!

September 20, 2014

pumpkin-patch1I cannot believe it is fall already!  It just seems like I got the deck and pool ready and turn around and it’s time to do it in reverse.  The only thing that makes this all OK is that summer is followed by fall—my favorite time of year.  Where spring is the sign that all will be reborn, re-grown, and fresh again, fall reminds us that what we sowed – we will now reap.

And that is a great message for us as parents.  We reap what we sow.  Take the time to sow your little seeds deeply and nourish them in many ways.  Nourish their bodies, nourish their minds, and nourish their character.

Nourishing bodies-  We need to realize that what we put into a child will fuel their lives.  Autumn is the perfect time to introduce new fruits, vegetables, stews, and casseroles that are healthy for children.  Our lives have become so busy that fast food is the fast way.  Plan ahead make one and store one.  For kids that hate vegetables – put them into spaghetti sauces, breads, and even cupcakes.  Autumn farm markets with their tractor rides, corn mazes, and fun activities teach children that food doesn’t just show up in full form in the grocery store.  Nourish your child’s body this autumn.  The Popsugar site has great autumn recipes and snacks for kids.

Are you nourishing your child’s mind this autumn?  This season has more sights, smells, sounds, and tastes than just about any other.  Visit one or more of our many hiking and biking trails.  Again, visit fairs and farm markets.  Take in a high school football game. Explore fall sports.  Make a leaf collection and learn to identify leaves by visiting the Altoona Campus of Penn State.  Look online and begin to make a bird feeder to help our feathered friends this winter.  Use three new vegetables in a stew, soup, or snack.  Every new thing you do with your child makes a deposit in your child’s brain bank.  Explore with your child this autumn.

Are you nourishing your child’s character?  Teach more sportsmanship and less competitiveness. Foster kindness instead of cruelty.  Teach your child to reach out to those with less rather than to covet those who have more.  Teach your child that empathy (the ability to feel what the other guy feels like) is the most important character trait you can have.  Empathy promotes kindness, integrity, honesty, and the other great virtues.  Do unto others …. Be a model of what the world needs.

A-h-h–the sights and smells of autumn.  Enjoy this season with your child.  Be sure to check your smoke detector this autumn.  Have a fire plan.  Clean closets and donate clean and gently worn winter coats and clothing to those less fortunate.  Have a great autumn.  Can’t wait to visit the apple orchard with our kids this week.  Mmm – apple dumplings.]]>

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