Our Programs

Our Classes
  • Programs Overview

    Our preschool program has two dedicated classes and we offer 5K and Kindergarten classes.
  • We offer four classes for children 3 to 6 years of age.

  • All of the Harbor House programs have as its main goal to develop a curious child who will take into the world a life long love of learning from having been a “Harbor House Kid.”

    • Preschool
      • 2.8-3.8
        Year olds
      • 1 to 6
        Staff to Child Ratio
    • Pre-Kindergarten
      • 3.9-4.9
        Year olds
      • 1 to 8
        Staff to Child Ratio
    • 5K
      • 5
        Year olds
      • 1 to 7
        Staff to Child Ratio
    • Kindergarten
      • 5-6
        Year olds
      • 1 to 7
        Staff to Child Ratio
  • Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

    • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement
    • Educational field trips and school presentations
    • Individual attention in a small-class setting
    • Learning program with after-school care
    • Opportunities to carry out scientific investigations
    • Positive learning environment for your child
    • Delightful, friendly and welcoming place
  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?