Our Programs


All of the Harbor House programs have as its main goal to develop a curious child who will take into the world a life long love of learning from having been a “Harbor House Kid.”  We have many testimonies from our children that Harbor House was a vital part of their development into the person they are today.  We boast a group of children who are states-people, artists, musicians, doctors, lawyers, researchers, teachers, and great parents.  We know because we are serving a second generation of children! We do not seek to pour information into a child–instead we design activities that allow a child to question, explore, test, and learn about developmental areas.

Preschool I (2.8-3.5yrs)







This is the first level of our early childhood programs.  At this level, we first seek to help the young child to realize that he or she is a vital part of a community. The young child learns to trust new people and make new friends.  The developing child can explore materials in various interest areas and take part in teacher-designed activities that introduce literacy, math concepts, motor skills, science, health, social studies, and movement.  Each child has the opportunity to take part in daily circle time activities that build early leadership skills.  Each week’s activities revolve around a specific theme that introduces new ideas, vocabulary, and interests. Most activities involve movement and are highly manipulative as is appropriate for young children. A 1:6 staff to child ratio usually exists in this program.


Preschool II (3.6-4yrs)


This second level builds on the areas of the first level.  Children climb higher and go farther.  More writing is done at this level.  Children are exposed to more reading skills and higher math skills.  Children use teacher planned activities and high quality materials to rhyme, read, pattern, count, write stories, delve into science experiments, study new cultures, and grow more curious each day.  A 1:8 staff to child ratio exists in this program.

Pre-Kindergarten (4-5yrs)

This program prepares a child for the world of formal learning.  Children are encouraged to build good listening and direction following skills.  Children take part in large group and small group activities to learn new skills and develop new interests.  Children have more opportunity to perform tasks at a paper/pencil level to increase personal attention to task.  Children are still given every opportunity to read, write, and explore. A wealth of manipulative materials allow each child to explore and learn on one’s own. A 1:8 staff to child ratio exists in this program.


This is a program for children of kindergarten cut-off age who are not attending kindergarten or children who just miss the cut-off and would be better served in a more structured program. This program has, at its root, good assessment. The children are observed, evaluated, and given opportunities for interaction that allow us to design a program for their unique needs in reading, writing, and math. They, also, join in a myriad of activities in areas of science, social studies, cooking, art, music, computers, and more, that give them a full and rich experience to take to their formal years of school. This program is small in size and has two certified teachers to meet the needs of the children


This program with its terrific staff to child ratio (1:7) allows a child to develop to his or her optimum level in all subject areas.  A combination of small group, large group, center station, and one-one educational settings allows a child to build the many different learning styles desired in the classroom. Along with the developmental subject areas students take part in community projects, field trips, fine arts programs, science fairs, guest presenter programs, etc. that make education exciting.

Summer Camp



Summer should give opportunity for many things.  Children should take part in sports.  Children should catch up with friends to take part in arts, crafts, games, cooking, exploring and all the rich activities that make up summer.  Children should also be given the chance to choose which activities they want to take part in.  That is summer at Harbor House–a choice between fun at this or fun at that or even time to do nothing but dream.



Is Harbor House a part of Keystone Stars?


Harbor House does not participate in Keystone Stars because for the majority of the day we are a Department of Education program. We already have a professional staff of individuals that hold degrees. In addition, we have a full education program including ALL areas of PA standards. We use many materials to reach our goals.  Parents can decide by visiting if they feel their child will benefit from our high-quality program.